Eve Tagny in Art Viewer

Eve Tagny at Blinkers Artist: Eve Tagny (in collaboration with Malaikah Rang’inya & Sappfyre Mcleod) Exhibition title: As yet to be established Venue: Blinkers, Manitoba, Canada Date: June 10, 2023 Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Blinkers, Manitoba We welcome Montréal-based artist Eve Tagny to the gallery for a live, one-time performance. She will work in a trio with local collaborators–all no with no professional experience as performers–under the title ‘As yet to be …
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Sami Tsang in Art Viewer

Sami Tsang at COOPER COLE To view the full post visit Art Viewer. For more information about Sami Tsang please contact the gallery: info@coopercolegallery.com +1.416.531.8000

Jenine Marsh in Art Viewer

Jenine Marsh at COOPER COLE To view the full post visit Art Viewer. For more information about Jenine Marsh please contact the gallery: info@coopercolegallery.com +1.416.531.8000

Maureen Gruben in Inuit Art

5 Perspectives on Maureen Gruben’s Connection to Place by IAQ Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award shortlister Maureen Gruben is no stranger to accolades. Since 2017, Gruben’s visibility as a leading Canadian artist has only continued to grow exponentially with major exhibitions, acquisitions and prizes filling her CV. But this now-global public recognition only tells part of her story. […] To view the full article visit Inuit Art. For more information about Maureen Gruben …
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Hangama Amiri in Cultured

The Freshman Class of Art Basel: Meet 7 Dealers Making Their Debut at the 2023 Swiss Fair by Julie Baumgardner Cooper Cole Location: Toronto, Canada Founded: 2011 Founder: Simon Cole Vibe: Canadian and cool In Basel: Cooper Cole is on a roll. The Toronto outfit is showing the Afghan-Canadian artist Hangama Amiri, fresh off a show-stopper exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, in the fair’s Statements section. The artist, who utilizes textiles to “reflect on ideas of …
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G.B. Jones in Cornelia Magazine

G.B. Jones at Cooper Cole – Issue 12 By Dallas Fellini As we enter the gallery, we’re greeted by the artist’s name, spelled out sloppily across the stark white wall in a two-tone, drop-shadow tag: G-B-J-O- N-E-S. “Are you familiar with the artist?” a member of the gallery staff asks. Like any good queers who grew up on the internet, my friends and I spent years online acquainting ourselves with …
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Brie Ruais Featured on Artsy

8 Women Artists Using Ceramics to Subvert Art Traditions By Lydia Wilford Brie Ruais’s work expands the notion of corporeally oriented ceramics. ‘‘The sculptures tap into the body’s knowledge as opposed to the mind. I let the body and clay lead,” Ruais said in the press release for “Some Things I Know About Being In A Body”, her 2021 solo show at Albertz Benda. This tenet is expressed best in Intertwining Bodies, Roots, …
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Jagdeep Raina Featured on Artsy

10 Must-See Shows at Paris Gallery Weekend 2023 By Wilson Tarbox Jagdeep Raina, ‘Towards the valley’ Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris Apr. 20 – June 3 In his debut solo exhibition in France, Canadian artist Jagdeep Raina showcases his fascination with diverse textile techniques including Punjabi embroidery, or phulkari. Through his remarkable skill of painting images with colored threads, Raina aims to preserve endangered ancestral crafts, challenge gender stereotypes in textile art, and confront …
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Hangama Amiri in CBC Arts

This new exhibition wants you to know legendary poet Rumi ‘as a once-living person’ By Chris Dart Rumi, who was born Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī, is best known as a poet, writer and religious scholar. What’s less well known is that, in modern terms, he grew up as a refugee. Rumi was born in 1207 on what is now the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. When he was still a …
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