Geoff McFetridge in Juxtapoz

Getting Inside the Ideas of Geoff McFetridge Geoff McFetridge paints the thought before a thought. Or a thought before it becomes a thought. He is sort of in the realm of what does infinity look like? Where does an idea end and begin; and what is an idea anyway? In recent years, Geoff has been open to articulation of his thought-process when painting, but he seems to making grander statements …
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Jagdeep Raina featured in Stir World

‘The World that Belongs to Us’ traces the complexity of colonial history The intergenerational artists of the exhibition The World that Belongs to Us draw upon the nuanced colonial history to revisit its ramifications in current times. Exhibition view of works by Chila Kumari Singh Burman in The World that Belongs to Us, The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK Image: Courtesy of Jonathan Shaw By Dilpreet Bhullar The cultural history of England is synonymous with the cosmopolitan …
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Maureen Gruben in Galleries West

Maureen Gruben | The land that used to be “Maureen Gruben at Qikuryuaq, Husky Lakes, May 7, 2023” (Photo: Kyra Kordoski) Land is fundamental to the work of Tuktoyaktuk-based artist Maureen Gruben. Often drawing on the intimacy of the handmade, Gruben’s work balances the vastness of tundra with the scales at which its inhabitants live with it. Engaging traditional materials, techniques and knowledge alongside the detritus of modern life, Gruben …
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Jenine Marsh in Border Crossings

By James Carl Jenine Marsh’s recent work in sculpture and installation is confrontational—you might describe it as unapologetic and frank, thoughtfully impolite and occasionally impolitic. Her installation sensibility is situational, with discreet objects accompanying casual floor spills and fragments, drawing attention to both the viewer’s own component parts and the architectural idiosyncrasies of the spaces in which she’s been asked to show art. Her investment in traditional craft, notably metal …
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Jorian Charlton Featured on Range

Triple Threat Jordan Alexander Is Ready To Be Vulnerable by Ozioma Nwabuikwu Photo by Jorian Charlton To view the full article visit Range. For more information about Jorian Charlton please contact the gallery: +1.416.531.8000

Hangama Amiri in Classical KC

Hangama Amiri’s ‘Recess’ // ‘Healer’ by Milad Yousufi KCUR Children ambling about in a schoolyard is a familiar scene, but in Amiri’s “Recess” the girls pictured aren’t playing with any visible toys: the balls present are left on the ground and there is a sense of detachment between the children, along with a physical distance from the school itself. When the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan after recent U.S. withdrawal, …
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Jenine Marsh in The Ubyssey

Aporia (Notes to a Medium) and images of faith The exhibit is loosely organized around concepts of faith and its manifestations. Isa S. You / The Ubyssey By Julian Forst […] Jenine Marsh’s “How to Fulfill a Wish” brings faith back to earth with its focus on the wishing well. Three large, circular sculptures line the floor and walls of Marsh’s section, evocative of fountains with their sculpted rims and two plaster …
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Geoff McFetridge in CBC Arts

Geoff McFetridge’s art is everywhere. It’s in movies, trains stations and even on your wrist Listen to McFetridge’s conversation with Q’s Tom Power and follow along using this visual companion guide By Vivian Rashotte Geoff McFetridge has been called “the most famous Canadian artist you’ve probably never heard of.” As a graphic artist and painter, he’s collaborated with directors such as Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola, designed for brands like …
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Geoff McFetridge in Art Viewer

Geoff McFetridge at Cooper Cole To view the full post visit Art Viewer. For more information about Geoff McFetridge please contact the gallery: +1.416.531.8000