Jenine Marsh (b. 1984, Calgary, Canada) received her MFA from the University of Guelph in 2013 and her BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2007. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art venues including COOPER COLE, 8-11, G Gallery, Toronto; Vie d’ange, Montreal; Ed Video, Guelph; Truck Gallery, Stride Gallery, Calgary; Struts Gallery, Sackville; and The Bakery, Vancouver; Canada; CK2, New York; Chapter 61, Brooklyn; Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Night Gallery, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles; and Fourteen30, Portland, USA. She has twice served as artist in residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 2009 and 2010, and more recently in 2017 at Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania. Other residencies include the Vermont Studio Centre in 2011, Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ Alberta Future Leaders programme, 2011 and Struts Gallery, 2010. Her solo exhibition, “Feminine Marvelous and Tough” at Lulu, Mexico City, has been featured on ARTnews, Mousse Magazine and Contemporary Art Daily. Marsh lives and works in Toronto, Canada.





Born 1984, Calgary, Canada
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada


MFA, University of Guelph, 
Guelph, Canada

BFA, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

a room at the center of the world surrounded by the noise of men, Interface Gallery, Oakland, USA
Vivisections, La Datcha, Berlin, Germany

always with, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada
GUTTERSNIPES with Nadia Belerique, Vie d’Ange, Montreal, Canada
“Can’t you hear my voices?”, with James Lewis, Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania
Dear Stranger, with Lindsay Lawson, Entrée, Bergen, Norway

The Feeling’s mutual, 2016/17 Members Edition, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
In a world of weeds, all roses are wild, curated by Simon Cole, Beautiful, Chicago, USA
mind mouth, with Kim Neudorf, Forest City Gallery, London, Canada
The Extrovert, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada

Feminine Marvelous and Tough, Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico
Anagrams for Ovid, HPI Window, Toronto, Canada
Feral Tongue, Chapter 61, Brooklyn, USA
The cut flower still blooms, 8¬11, Toronto, Canada

The Florist, Jr. Projects, Toronto, Canada

Roomies, Xpace, Toronto, Canada
Follow Me, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, Canada
Stranger to Stranger, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
Vis-à-Vis, G Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Room and Board, Evans Contemporary, Peterborough, Canada
Cloud, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

Grotto, Truck Gallery +15, Calgary, Canada
Suspension, Struts Gallery, Sackville, Canada

False Fronts, The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

Topiarium, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada

Sprawl and Cluster, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada

Selected Group Exhibits

The Future Stands Still but We Move in Infinite Space, OSL Contemporary, Oslo, Norway

Flower Petal Tongues, curated by Corrie Jackson, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver, Canada
SM, invited by Gianni Manhattan, curated by Margaux Barthelemy and sans titre (2016), Marseille, France
Ode to Trouble, curated by Hello Dust, HKS Guesthouse, Bergen, Norway 
Entangled Tales, curated by Justė Jonutytė and Yates Norton, Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania
Orientering, exhibition organized with Entrée, Bergen, Norway
The Shape of the Middle, exhibition curated by Daniella Sanader, Open Studio, Toronto, Canada

Occupations of uninhabited space with Zsófia Keresztes and Zoë Paul, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna, Austria
How Deep Is Your Love?, Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada
Dark-Intense-Apricot-Liquerous-Tobacco-Developed-Cherry, Maison de la Mer, Malmö, Sweden
weird woman, Jarvis Hall Gallery, Calgary, Canada
True Lies, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Art Basel, Art Metropole, Basel, Switzerland

Everyday War, group exhibition curated by Keith J. Varadi, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, USA
wandering womb, curated by Kelsey Stasiak, Athens, USA
Art Basel Miami Beach, with Patrick Cruz, Katie Bethune Leaman and Erica Prince, Art Metropole, Miami, USA
In the Shadow of the Millennium, curated by Darryn Doull, Judith & Norman Alix Gallery, Sarnia, Canada
Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Lulu, Huston, USA
A Change of Heart, curated by Chris Sharp, Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Raising Cattle, Montreal, Canada
NADA NY, with Jesse Harris and Davida Nemeroff, COOPER COLE, New York, USA
Baker’s Dozen, curated by CK2, New York, USA
Bend Towards the Sun, Bring the Sky Beneath Your Feet, The Bakery, Vancouver, Canada
sotto, Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Canada

Mrs. Benway, Fourteen30, Portland, USA
What she is not, what she is, what she can be, Garden Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Road to Ruin, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
There is no There, curated by Stefan Hancherow, Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, Canada
The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary, Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico

Material Art Fair, with Lauren Luloff, Mexico City, Mexico
Some New Fires, curated by Hannah Myall, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
balloon / portal / starres / fiends, curated by Kim Neudorf, DNA Artspace, London, Canada
As A Body, curated by Kari Cwynar, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Ontario

Endless Vacation, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
When I Move you Move, collaboration with Aryen Hoekstra as Friends, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, Canada
In the Outfield, Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Garage Montage, with The Drawing Party, The Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Hold Them Up in Good Light, Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

JUNGLE, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
LEAN, Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Guelph, Canada

Broth, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Sweetest Little Thing, Struts Gallery, Sackville, Canada

For Louise, Untitled Art Society, Calgary, Canada
Pith Biennale of Conschmemporary Art, Pith Gallery, Calgary, Canada
Ugly Portraits of YOU, with Kim Neudorf, Untitled Art Society, Calgary, Canada

Field Notes, The Wanderer collaborative exhibition, The Other Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
Ski-do, 809 Exhibition Space, Calgary, Canada

Holler, 809 Exhibition Space, Calgary, Canada


Artist in residence, AiR Bergen USF Verftet, Bergen Norway
Artist in residence, SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico

Artist in residence, Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania

Artist in residence and Arts Mentor, for Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Alberta’s Future Leaders, Fishing Lake, Canada

Artist in residence, Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson, Vermont, USA

Theatre of Erosion, with faculty Geoffrey Farmer, Banff Centre, Canada
Artist in residence, Struts Gallery, Sackville, Canada

The Wanderer, with faculty Oliver Lutz, Banff Centre, Canada


University of Guelph School of the Arts Research and Travel Bursary

University of Guelph Board of Graduate Research Scholarship
Vermont Studio Center Artist Grant
University of Guelph School of the Arts Research and Travel Bursary

Canada Council Travel Grants to Professional Artists

Royal Bank of Canada Youth Excellence Scholarship

Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Individual Project Grant

Jason Lang Scholarship


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