Hangama Amiri in Classical KC

Hangama Amiri’s ‘Recess’ // ‘Healer’ by Milad Yousufi KCUR Children ambling about in a schoolyard is a familiar scene, but in Amiri’s “Recess” the girls pictured aren’t playing with any visible toys: the balls present are left on the ground and there is a sense of detachment between the children, along with a physical distance from the school itself. When the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan after recent U.S. withdrawal, …
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Jenine Marsh in The Ubyssey

Aporia (Notes to a Medium) and images of faith The exhibit is loosely organized around concepts of faith and its manifestations. Isa S. You / The Ubyssey By Julian Forst […] Jenine Marsh’s “How to Fulfill a Wish” brings faith back to earth with its focus on the wishing well. Three large, circular sculptures line the floor and walls of Marsh’s section, evocative of fountains with their sculpted rims and two plaster …
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Geoff McFetridge in CBC Arts

Geoff McFetridge’s art is everywhere. It’s in movies, trains stations and even on your wrist Listen to McFetridge’s conversation with Q’s Tom Power and follow along using this visual companion guide By Vivian Rashotte Geoff McFetridge has been called “the most famous Canadian artist you’ve probably never heard of.” As a graphic artist and painter, he’s collaborated with directors such as Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola, designed for brands like …
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Geoff McFetridge on Art Viewer

Geoff McFetridge at Cooper Cole To view the full post visit Art Viewer. For more information about Geoff McFetridge please contact the gallery: info@coopercolegallery.com +1.416.531.8000

Jagdeep Raina in Surface Design Association

IN THE REALM OF LOST SENSES: THE EMBROIDERED TAPESTRIES OF JAGDEEP RAINA     By Nicole Archer […] In the realm of lost sense, hope and criticality take root in radical, queer diasporic aesthetics such as those developed by the artist Jagdeep Raina (he/him). Raina’s densely embroidered tapestries are intricate material meditations on intimacy and the feelings of entanglement that attend our senses of longing, especially those grounded in our …
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Van Maltese on Art Viewer

Van Maltese at COOPER COLE To view the full post visit Art Viewer. For more information about Van Maltese please contact the gallery: info@coopercolegallery.com +1.416.531.8000

Cooper Cole Featured on Testudo

Seen by Testudo: Exhibitions at NADA Miami 2023 By John Dennehy Each year in December, the art world descends on Miami for its annual art week. From fairs like Art Basel, NADA, and Untitled to institutional shows at ICA, the Bass, and the Pérez, for a few days Miami seems to be the center of the universe. Here are 5 booths from NADA that stood out. In this group exhibition …
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Sara Cwynar in Art Review

Art Lovers Movie Club: Sara Cwynar, ‘Glass Life’ Still Image from “Glass Life,” 2021 From her studio, Sara Cwynar uses her computer and various studio setups to make sense of her visual archive – and the world outside. Images of food, artworks, political figures, Instagram models and many, many others contend for our attention in a dizzying navigation through our consumerist visual world. Screening dates: Sara Cwynar, Glass Life, 2021HD video, …
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Geoff McFetridge in Juxtapoz

Geoff McFetridge Creates the “Nature Mart” in Toronto Geoff McFetridge ebbs and flows. I have found his paintings over the years to be powerful metaphoric representations of human interactions, anonymous but a collective working together, and yet not stripped of individualism. It’s always a balance. We are alone but we are also in this together. We may need to rethink this thing we call humanity but that doesn’t mean that …
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Jennie Jieun Lee in The New York Times

The Ceramists Putting a Fresh Spin on Traditional Korean Techniques Ceramic works by Korean and Korean American artists, including, from left, Janny Baek’s “Surface Tension” (2022) and “Hot Drift” (2023), Soojin Choi’s “Found You” (2022), Jennie Jieun Lee’s “Green Cheek” (2022), Eun-Ha Paek’s “Banana Bust” (2023), Lee’s “Orange Bust” (2022) and Paek’s “Ugly Guy” (2019).Credit…Photograph by Mari Maeda and Yuji Oboshi. Set design by Leilin Lopez-Toledo By Alexa Brazilian […] …
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