The Way We Live

COOPER COLE is pleased to present, The Way We Live, a group exhibition featuring works by Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Van Maltese, Jenine Marsh, Kate Newby, Paul P., and Fin Simonetti.  

It will take place between April 9 – May 10, 2024 at Conceptual Fine Arts in Milan, Italy.

This exhibition delves into the intricacies of contemporary existence, offering nuanced reflections on our perceptions and the cycle of life. The artworks presented in this show explore themes such as mental health, mortality, labor, and the human impact on our environment—whether natural, manufactured, or personal.

The following text written by Jenine Marsh accompanies the exhibition.

The Way We Live

The onion smell of flower bulbs
sold in mesh nets and kept under sinks
in a cool dark place
a mock burial and symbolic sacrifice
exhumed and inhumed
again and again
to make the spring come
If my own promise could be so hidden
it’d spin in my stomach
a hot dark place
strung on a chain of seasons
But no, it’s planted in my mouth
an iron tooth
or so-called cultured pearl
saved for later barter
unspent until certain
of the sun’s place in the sky

– Jenine Marsh, 2024

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