January 25, 2012

Our recently closed exhibition Brothers of the Weird received a positive review on the Canadian arts website Akimbo.

Down the street at the newly re-christened and re-branded Cooper Cole Gallery (formerly Show & Tell), there was a group show of the colourful post-Pop, sometime Street artists who make up the niche that this space has claimed. After Munro’s activist art and Eleen’s intensely personal creations, the Gary Panter-esque quickie drawings by Billy Grant and Devin Flynn’s oil pastel psychedelic portraits provide a bit of a breather with their light-hearted twistedness. Having recently watched Beautiful Losers, a doc that trains its eye on this school of image making, I’m still resistant to its lack of a critical core, but I keep coming back, somewhat reluctantly won over by the energy of the work.

For more information about Brothers of the Weird please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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