June 22, 2016

Vanessa Maltese’s upcoming exhibition was recently featured on Toronto Star.

“The poetic impulses of painter Maltese play out as much in the form her works take as the paint she applies to them. For this exhibition, the big, round panels on view connote myriad associations, ranging from ancient notions of cycle and continuity to the hectic tumble of street art. Maltese, wisely, refuses to be pinned down, pitching curves with a practice that always reads as part sculpture, part painting and part other (a recent show here featured slender, baton-like works studded with rubber washers and a careful lick of paint), and her furious restlessness never fails to beguile.”

-Murray Whyte

To see the full post please visit Toronto Star.

For more information about Vanessa Maltese please contact the gallery:



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