May 2, 2017

Sara Cwynar’s exhibition at Foxy Production in New York was featured on Frieze as one of the best shows to see across town during Frieze Week New York.

I’d like to visit Sara Cwynar’s studio someday. I imagine the walls are densely covered with images she likes, pages torn from books, notes scribbled on the backs of old Polaroids – because these all crop up in her intensely layered photographs, which flit playfully between studio portraiture and mixed-media collage. Cwynar applies Roland Barthes’s theories of photographic time to the age of digital image-making: the objects she photographs seem to exist in four dimensions, both at rest and in motion, under observation while also in active use. The artist’s show at Foxy Production, ‘Rose Gold’, is named for her new film, a palimpsest of moving images and colour-study of the popular iPhone finish and 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year. The show also includes eye-popping portraits that emerged from Cwynar’s design for the 25th anniversary issue of frieze in September 2016.

– Evan Moffitt

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For more information about the exhibition, visit the Foxy Production.

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