July 26, 2012

Sara Cwynar’s current exhibition Accidental Archives was highlighted on Designboom.


“canadian photographer sara cwynar has produced a body of works consisting of personal artifacts that have been collected for over a decade, entitled ‘accidental archives’. the installation assembles a miscellany of objects and possessions arranged to represent an insight into the artist’s life and creative process. cwynar extends the concept by organizing her belongings into smaller color coded formats, creating mini dioramas that inform the photo editions.

these visual cross-sections are a contemporary take on classic still life photography, where what starts as a study of color, evolve into a variety of narratives that speak on ideas such as gender roles, consumerism, and mass consumption. the work is on show at the cooper cole gallery in toronto, canada through till the 18th of august, 2012.”

See the full post on Designboom.

For more information about Sara Cwynar please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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