November 1, 2012

Our current exhibition Permanent Demand featuring Andrew Jeffrey Wright, William Buzzell, and Jesse Harris was featured in NOW Toronto Magazine.


“Art as product and commodity is the target of Permanent Demand, a group show of three artists. Together their pieces form a satiric trifecta that skewers art as both rarified object and capitalist fetish.”

“Andrew Jeffrey Wright addresses the theme with a series of drawings tracing the manufacture of “products” like a Nike sneaker, a painting and a baby. Paintings are made from a palette that includes noxious bodily fluids like “snot” and “pus,” and Nike sneakers apparently can’t be made without the blood of children. However bleak their underlying point, these lo-fi drawings still radiate a gleeful punk rock nihilism that brings to mind 90s kitchen-sink zines.”

To see the full post please visit NOW Toronto.

For more information about Permanent Demand please contact the gallery:
+1 (647) 347-3316


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