January 8, 2018
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Nature’s Way was featured on O FLUXO.

Titled after the song by Randy California and Spirit for their album The Dreams of Dr Sardonicus, Nature’s Way’s circular structure and melancholic tone resonates with feelings of alienation and the urgent desire to reconnect to nature. This song is especially resonant during this time of destabilized weather patterns and our collective recognition of globalized industry and exponential capital’s impact. The artworks in the exhibition are culled from the individual artists experiences negotiating the strictures of contemporary life, often by embodying the delirious potential of the natural sublime. These desiring machines machinate the psychological dimension of their contemporary urban experiences through their making. In this way, the works are tools of agency in a period of anxious upheaval.

Written on the back of Spirits first real hit, 1984, the album The Dreams of Dr Sardonicus marked a deeper engagement for Randy California and the band with the emerging social and environmental crisis. Essentially distopic, the title of the album refers to a film in which the audience is witness to the delirious deviancy of the protagonist, Dr. Sardonicus, and then given the ‘opportunity’ at the end to vote for or against his annihilation. This pantomime of democratic process reverberates in our current climate, a time when many feel helpless in facing the mores and obscured intentions of the elected leaders, a moment that has begun to shake and fragment our belief in the possibility for moral ethic beyond avarice.

Nature’s Way is a ballad of despair and a call for reckoning. These artists explore a similar fatalism, trapped between human instinct and the constrictive actuality of contemporary life. Sometimes utopian, sometimes clinical, sometimes unconsciously, the artists turn to the expressive potential of art’s formal vocabularies. Brought together, the exhibition will realize a Brechtian landscape of allegorical experiences; not a road map for the future, but a poetic pantomime for dancing on the edge of a possible natural retrieval.

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