November 16, 2012

Our current show with Geoff McFetridge was featured on SLAMXHYPE.

“I draw many many pieces when before I do a show, developing imagery. Images really carry my paintings as technically they are extremely simple and flat. For me it is the image that is central to every painting. The images come out of things I see, or imagine I saw, or ideas that I continue to explore and repeat. Much of the work involves figures, rendered in their most simplistic form. Once I have an image that resonates with me, I really refine it, reducing it to the point to where it is almost falling apart visually. I am interested in visual cliches. For years my graphics came out of finding, and inventing and tweaking common language and graphics. The work was not referential though. I was not appropriating images. I have tried to make original work that somehow felt familiar, so familiar that it feels appropriated.”

See the full post on SLAMXHYPE.

For more information about Geoff McFetridge please contact the gallery:
+1 (647) 347-3316


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