Tuesday evening. Sunday afternoon. Stony Lake.

COOPER COLE is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Kate Newby. This marks Newby’s first exhibition in Toronto, Canada.

There is condensation on my glass. It seems like the fluid inside (apple cider) travelled through to the outside of the glass, which is itself in a liquid state. The glass is dirty but I don’t need a clean one. I will taste the grit, kiss the previous user and absorb the nutrients. The ice is dirty too, and melting.

There’s a saying… when something, usually an idea or argument “holds water”, it is watertight, dependable, definite. However, some things’ hold is not so tight. Some things hold like a hand can hold a handful of water for only a few wet moments. Long enough for a sip.

Everything in the universe is tiny. It can be held in your ear, or in your teeth. But this perspective takes distance. From way up here those things could be planets or puddles, buildings or pebbles, gum scraped from a shoe or rocky landforms. Remember the grain of dust in every raindrop?

Ice clinks and I chew the grit. Steam walks through walls and dirt flies up into the clouds. These things are terrestrial, and gravity is love of the earth.

– Jenine Marsh, 2016

Kate Newby (b. 1979, Auckland, New Zealand) works with installation, textile, ceramics, casting and glass. Her work explores the limits and nature of sculpture, not only in space but also where and how sculpture happens. She received her DocFA and MFA from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. She has shown internationally at such venues as Auckland Art Gallery, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland, New Zealand; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; Minerva, Artspace, Sydney, Australia; Fogo Island Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada; Marianne Boesky, Laurel Gitlen, Ludlow 38, New York; Laurel Doody, Los Angeles, USA; Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico; La Loge, Brussels, Belgium; Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt, Germany; P420, Bologna, Italy; Josh Lilley, London; Arnolfini, Bristol, UK. Newby currently lives and works between Auckland, New Zealand and Brooklyn, USA.

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Kate Newby

Tuesday Evening. Sunday Afternoon. Stony Lake.

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Kate Newby – Tuesday Evening. Sunday Afternoon. Stony Lake., 2016

Installation at Cooper Cole Gallery