May 12, 2016

Vikky Alexander’s exhibition The Temptation of Saint Anthony was recently featured on Canadian Art as one of the editors’ picks for the 7 Must-See Projects at the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.


“I knew vaguely of Vikky Alexander before I saw her 1981 work Obsession—a sequence of blown-up, black-and-yellow images of model Christy Brinkley—at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s “MashUp” show. The more I discover about Alexander, the more I’m intrigued. In addition to the work at the VAG, which more strictly resembles the image-appropriating “Pictures Generation” New York scene to which she was attached in the 1980s, she has made sculptures, installations and more, all sleek, smart and self-deconstructing. Cooper Cole’s Contact show offers a chance to see more from the period of Obsession: borrowed, retooled and re-presented images from fashion spreads, which we now see as vintage. What if Alexander, not Richard Prince, had become the artstar famed for presenting large-scale, borrowed, male-gaze-y, consumerist images of women? What if, moreover, Alexander had become canonized as a Vancouver photoconceptualist alongside all those dudes? There is, I might add, some time to correct this.”

-David Balzer, editor-in-chief

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