November 2, 2017

Symbolisms group show was featured on Artinfo.

‘Symbolisms’ at Cooper Cole, Toronto

Cooper Cole in Toronto is currently hosting a group exhibition titled “Symbolisms.”

The exhibition brings together a group of artists who are working in a pictorial mode strongly reminiscent of historical Symbolism. A cross between a movement and a tendency, Symbolism dominated fin-de-siècle European painting and literature. It was known for its otherworldly, mystical, evocative and idealized forms. Rejecting urbanization and materialism, symbolists withdrew, akin to J.K. Huysmans’ Jean Des Esseintes, into an interior universe of their own making.

In many ways, it was a turning away from the world. Symbolism spurred many tendencies at the end of the 19th century, from entrenched notions of progress to the technological evolution of the late Industrial Revolution. It also occurred at the same time as one of the most significant moments of institutionalized racism of the 19th century: The Dreyfus Affair. The artists in the exhibition approach these questions as well as the production of their imagery from a variety of different angles and specific influences. The artists presenting their works at the exhibition include: José Antonio Suaréz Londoño, Tom Allen, Michael Berryhill, Isabelle Fein, Katharina Hoeglinger, Santiago de Paoli, Rachelle Sawatsky and Bruce M. Sherman.

-By Blouin Artinfo

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