June 17, 2016

Gallery artist Sara Cwynar’s solo presentation at Art Basel was recently featured on artnet news as one of the Top 10 Booths at Art Basel 2016.


“The hypnotic rhythm of Sara Cwynar’s film-work Soft Film, in Foxy Production’s booth in the Statements sector, was entrancing from the get-go. You see Cwynar collecting and arranging objects she’s purchased on eBay by color, material, and usage in vivid displays that seem to reference in subject and visuals Vito Acconci and Martha Rosler. With a key-motif being the velveteen jewelry box, which you see Cwynar holding in various shapes, colors, and sizes (representing, we’re told in the accompanying text, “soft sexism”), she contemplates the idea of a post-feminist world.”

-Rozalia Jovanovic

To see the full post please visit artnet news.

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