June 5, 2013

Gallery artist Sara Cwynar was recently featured on Port Magazine’s website.


“Drawing from her personal archive of objects, photographs, catalogues and props, for Canadian artist Sara Cwynar the personal and the professional overlap in a myriad of intense and individual ways.

Using her interests – a fascination with the kitsch; Derrida; impulse to hoard; the natural world; food photography – Cwynar creates visually arresting images in her Brooklyn flat that act as a microcosm for wider cultural commentary. Cwynar, who featured in Print Magazine’s “20 Under 30 New Visual Artists for 2011”, explains the evolution of her art, from her sting of early Cindy Sherman-type portraits, and why for her, the commercial can feed the conceptual with more than just money.”

To see the full interview please visit Port Magazine’s website.

For more information about Sara Cwynar please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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