December 15, 2019

COOPER COLE would like to congratulate gallery artist Sara Cwynar for having her critically acclaimed photographic series Flat Death (2013-2018) and her remarkable film Red Film (2018) enter the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. Both works are acquired through the Fund for the Twenty-First Century by two departments: Flat Death by the Department of Photography and Red Film by the Department of Media and Performance.

Flat Death, 2013-2018, comprises configurations of objects and images that are photographed, printed, tiled, and then re-photographed, together with darkroom manual illustrations that are decomposed using a scanner. Cwynar’s process is circular; she starts and finishes with a photograph after a journey of intervention and manipulation that ultimately disrupts the smooth surface and perspective of the stock image.

Like a reel of film frames, Flat Death is displayed with each frame flush with the next. The series imparts an uncanny sense of a lost world of images that Cwynar has collected and recalibrated to present as evidence that images never die, they just float somewhere between the realms of the analog and the internet, and between complex emotional attachments and kitsch.

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