September 12, 2020

Ryan Wallace is featured on Hunted Projects as part of their Visits series.

Hunted Projects Visits the studio of New York based artist Ryan Wallace.


This fourteenth VISIT is with New York based artist Ryan Wallace. Wallace’s interdisciplinary work spans radically diverse concerns. Related primarily through existentialist core principles, the miscellany of ideas present in Wallace’s work manifest the complexities of the metaphysical as well as the clarity of total consciousness. Wallace taps into the visceral nature of Suprematism while simultaneously conjuring the bodily experience of Light and Space; a marriage between the cognitive and intuitive that occupies a dimensional, non-linear space. Shredded tape, vinyl screens, wax, and other discarded studio materials converge upon a single plane as Wallace reconstitutes detritus from previous works and forges new abstractions. Through this technique, he visually articulates the most alluring notions of evolution – manipulating the physical and metaphorical layers inherent to our perception. It is with great pleasure to present this studio visit with Ryan Wallace.

To view the full article and watch the video please visit Hunted Projects.

For more information about Ryan Wallace please contact the gallery:


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