July 16, 2013

Gallery artist Ryan Wallace was recently interviewed by Steven Cox for Hunted Projects.


“Through investigating Chardin’s theory of the omega point and Kurzweil’s notion of technological singularity, Ryan Wallace explores where Chardin’s supreme point of complexity, consciousness and evolution is relational to Kurzweil’s concept of super intelligence evolving through technological means. Perhaps this may be complicated for you if you haven’t read up on either Pierre Teilhard de Chardin or Raymond Kurzweil, though Wallace’s sophisticated process driven abstractions visually expand upon these concepts of evolution and technological acceleration through creating complex, heavily layered works that visually and metaphorically relate to the universal evolution of total consciousness.

Being fascinated with scientific existentialism, Wallace’s Terraform series explores Chardin’s Omega Point theory through creating heavily layered multi-media canvas works that visually evoke supermassive black holes. Made using oil, enamel, pigment, crystalina and cold wax, the Omega Point works are an indulgence into complexity and materiality, stimulating a sensory overload. Simultaneously, Wallace’s Consensus works are additionally a play on the senses through the creation of replica rock sculptures that are displayed within tinted vitrine cases that make it difficult for the viewer to decipher which rocks are the real, or the replicant. Whilst on the other hand, Wallace’s Tablet paintings mimic both the Omega Point works, and his earlier Glean series, by having the connected elements pushed to the surrounding edges of the canvas, as to allow the central void to be an area of flattened information.”

To see the full interview please visit Hunted Projects.

For more information about Ryan Wallace please contact the gallery:

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