January 10, 2013

Gallery artist Ryan Wallace was featured on New York Arts Magazine.


“Do you see yourself as a painter? Do you care? I’ve always thought you fetishized the your surface.

RW: At the core yes, though sculpture has become increasingly important. These works still come from my understanding of painting. They are essentially still lifes. For me, abstract paintings have inherent psychological connotations. The sculptures that I make are generally recognizable things. The manner in which the realist objects are created, allow them to emote a similar tone to the abstractions I make with paint or collage materials. What they do is more important to me than what they are. I find that surface helps to unify the work. They have a kind of touch or attention to materials that is of my sensibility, rather than it all being the same style or thing.”

To see the full post please visit New York Arts Magazine.

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