January 11, 2018
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Nature’s Way group show was featured on Artinfo.


The exhibition presents a collection of artworks where the artists explore a similar fatalism, trapped between human instinct and the constrictive actuality of contemporary life. Sometimes utopian, sometimes clinical, sometimes unconsciously, the artists turn to the expressive potential of art’s formal vocabularies. The exhibition realizes a Brechtian landscape of allegorical experiences; not a road map for the future, but a poetic pantomime for dancing on the edge of a possible natural retrieval. The artists exhibited at the exhibition include: Derya Akay, Colleen Brown, COBRA, Dawn Cerny, Tue Greenfort, ELIAS HANSEN, Matthew Higgs, G.B. Jones, Nile Koetting, Glenn Lewis, Judith Linhares, Tiziana La Melia, Gailan Ngan, Paul P., Bernard Pfitzner, Scott Treleaven, and B. Wurtz.

Since it’s conception Cooper Cole has always focused on existing as part of the global art dialogue. The gallery not only focuses on inviting international artists to exhibit in Toronto but also aims at promoting Canadian artists abroad through art fairs and partnerships with other galleries across the globe.


-By Blouin Artinfo

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