April 3, 2012

Mark DeLong’s current exhibition at the gallery received a review on The Huffington Post.

“DeLong paints abstract color-based works that are both monumental and a bit childlike. With titles like “The Beat Broke in Through the Window and Stole My Poem about the Shelf” and “Ducks Crossing Oppenheimer”, the artist invites us to look for a narrative in works that would normally be thought of as pure abstraction. With each search for a story we are navigating through DeLong’s acrylic jungle, and it can be easy to get lost. And yet, like all good artists, DeLong continues to explore the difficult relationship between abstraction and representation.”

To read the full review please visit The Huffington Post.

For more information about Mark DeLong please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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