August 14, 2018

In an essay just published by online art platform Contemporary HUM, New Zealand-based writer and curator Chloe Geoghegan responds to the work of Brooklyn-based artist Kate Newby at her first Austrian solo exhibition “I can’t nail the days down”, which opened at the Kunsthalle Wien earlier this year.

Situated both inside and outside of the gallery, the work invited visitors to take a closer look at Newby’s engagements with the context of exhibition, to slow down and to ‘Look now’. Geoghegan reflects:

“In this way, I can’t nail the days down reads like an excerpt; as though parts of the city’s historic identity have been peeled up and relocated to the gallery for a close reading. Like a library or a city, one cannot see the entire exhibition at once. For one, to see the twenty-four metre-long brick floor it must be walked on. Moreover, the glass sculptures and gutter change hourly as the weather and light change during the days and months over summer.”

Kate Newby. I can’t nail the days down, Kunsthalle Wien 2018, Photo: Jorit Aust, Courtesy die Künstlerin

To view the full post please visit Contemporary HUM.

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