November 29, 2018

Kandis Williams’ show was featured in Vulture as one of the 6 art shows in Toronto to not miss.

Kandis Williams, “the rivers of styxx” at Cooper Cole

One of the most exciting exhibitions right now is American artist Kandis Williams’s solo show, which opened back in October when Art Toronto brought in an influx of gallerygoers. From the outside, the neon-lit space looks more like a funeral parlor than a contemporary art gallery, setting a distinct tone for Williams’s collages inside, which feel at once both dreamy and haunting. Women’s bodies, alone or in groups, crowd the foreground of these compositions, layered atop images of empire and conquest. The ruins of civilizations past in the background hint at the epistemological foundations for how we perceive.

“I’m suspicious of images, Williams tells me over the phone, explaining how she’s interested in the deeper symbolic influence of images and how they reinforce aesthetic regimes that keep a particular social order in place. The exhibition’s title — the river in Greek mythology between the underworld and the realm of the living — hints at the sense of classical doom that is palpable in the collage works, both large and small, full of cutups and layered transparencies. As Williams’s career picks up pace — this year she had solo shows at Night Gallery in Los Angeles and at Shoot the Lobster in New York — the Baltimore native continues to investigate representation and abstraction across a variety of mediums, including publishing, performance, video, and choreography.

-Yaniya Lee

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