December 10, 2012
Tags: News, Jen Stark

Gallery artist Jen Stark was recently featured on It’s Nice That.


“If I ever succeed in opening up a wormhole to another dimension (not something that exercises a lot of my time but a constant background interest) then I fully expect said portal to look like one of Jen Stark’s artworks. The Miami-born master of colour and form embraces complexity but in a fully inclusive way, creating pieces that are both immediately satisfying and infinitely intriguing. Her latest show in LA was called To The Power Of referencing both mathematical formulae and, more obliquely, religious incantation and the work on show proved that Jen’s never been more confident exploring her preoccupations. The eye-catching colours are just the start – prepare to be sucked in as far as your imagination will let you go.”

-Rob Alderson

To see the full post please visit It’s Nice That.

For more information about Jen Stark please contact the gallery:
+1 (647) 347-3316


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