June 17, 2013

Gallery artist Georgia Dickie was featured in Flare Magazine.

“Georgia Dickie’s art contains ominous-looking items, from dirty sticks and stained carpet to red electrical tape and rusted springs. Survive her treacherous studio—or the mean city streets—with a sturdy pair of Docs and a scarlet greatcoat.

Georgia Dickie, 23, creates art out of found objects—rather menacing found objects. A strip of metal perched on a hockey puck looks like a snake about to strike, while the rusty old propeller lurks under a stack of metal objects. “By arranging combinations of objects, I attempt to describe the present moment,” Dickie says. “I engage in a continuous process of moving things around, building things up and taking things down, dismantling, rearranging, walking away and then revisiting.”

-Rita Liefhebber

To see the full article please visit Flare Magazine.

For more information about Georgia Dickie please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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