January 12, 2020

Georgia Dickie’s solo exhibition at Oakville Galleries is featured in Art Viewer. 

Georgia Dickie’s installations are composed from an ever-growing collection of found objects that she accrues in her studio. She selects and positions these according to an ulterior logic that eschews the values and meanings we usually assign to things. Staging, grouping, balancing, and placing are a primary focus of this artist’s practice, activities that makes her presence integral to the presentation of the work.

Agouti Sky stages Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square as a landscape of sorts, made up of the bric-a-brac refuse of society built to consume and discard. A baby chair, boxing gloves, a scrap of lace, a satellite dish: Dickie painstakingly reorders these objects we so easily toss aside into choreographed compositions resembling a reef, a horizon line, and “fields” of conglomerate objects.

She rarely alters her materials, choosing instead to present them as they are, either singled out for individual attention or swept into a larger ecology of forms. Displaced from their original contexts and stripped bare of their prior purpose and use, some of these items become unfamiliar and strange. All we can know of them is what we see now: their material characteristics, colour, texture, and form. These are often the cues that inform the work’s composition, the colour orange or the bend of a wooden beam, for example, signalling the assembly of other structures and shapes.

As with much of Dickie’s work, these installations will be dismantled entirely at the end of an exhibition, with many items returning to the studio to be reconfigured at a later date. A delicately poised composition held together just for now, Agouti Sky offers a parallel to our own fragile world, one seemingly sliding towards imminent environmental collapse.

Georgia Dickie (b.1989, Toronto, Canada) graduated with a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2011. Recent exhibitions include Jeffrey Stark, New York City, Springsteen, Baltimore; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles, USA; Rolando Anselmi, Croy Nielsen, Berlin; Cooper Cole Gallery, The Power Plant, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto. In February 2015, she was the Canada Council for the Arts artist in residence at Acme Studios in London, UK.

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