November 24, 2012

Our current show with Geoff McFetridge was featured in this weeks issue of The Grid.


Pick up a copy of The Grid or see the article online here.

“In “Passing,” for example, one of the paintings in McFetridge’s current show, two cyclists ride by each other in opposite directions, yet the tension between them is palpable. McFetridge captures the exact moment they meet, a moment full of potential that we sense will go unfulfilled. The cyclists could turn to look at each other, they could dismount and chat, they could fall in love. But they won’t—they’re just passing. “You grow accustomed to working with the language of your culture and then you realize it’s actually universal,” he says.”

For more information about Geoff McFetridge please contact the gallery:
+1 (647) 347-3316


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