May 29, 2020

Geoff McFetridge is featured for his positive work in The Star with an article by Deborah Dundas.

Geoff McFetridge’s painting shows how we can build a positive future together

Together we can create change. And, with incremental change, together we can build a positive future. It’s an idea as true when we’re looking for new ways to approach climate change, inequality, or living with each other during — and after — a pandemic.

In this painting, “A Positive Future Built of Incremental Change,” Canadian artist Geoff McFetridge has positioned the people depicted in such a way that we can’t help but think of it as a metaphor for what can be achieved through collective action and support. The image — representing that positive future — is only possible with all of us, as individuals, playing our parts, acting together.

The individuals are stylized — McFetridge is both an artist and a graphic designer. Many of his images, including this one, echo or incorporate graphic design elements and patterned formations. There’s a familiarity to them that’s attractive and instantly communicates to us. “It should feel like something, rather than look like something,” he says.

His work waxes poetic on the human condition. Figures are arranged against flat tonal surfaces, often forming simple shapes in their solidarity. They lean on one another or melt, become one; they leap through space using heads as stepping-stones.

McFetridge was born in Calgary in 1971 and studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design and the California Institute of the Arts. Although he now lives in California, he’s represented by the Cooper Cole gallery in Toronto and exhibits around the world, most recently with a solo presentation of his work in New York at Independent 2020.

His most recent work consists of a series of paintings and drawings directly responding to the pandemic. He’s posted some of them on Instagram (look him up: @mcfetridge). In one image, as people walk by each other at a good distance, their shadows still touch, giving the effect that they are holding hands. “The distance between us (6 feet!) Is also measured by our thoughts and love for each other,” McFetridge posted.

We’re all in this together.

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– Deborah Dundas


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