October 19, 2018

G.B. Jones solo exhibition “What’s Next Is Close At Hand” is featured on Blouin ArtInfo.

The exhibition presents a collection of the artist’s latest works. “Active since the early ‘80s, Jones has acquired the status of an underground icon and polymath; for her super-8 films, her seminal ‘zine J.D.’s, and as a member of the Riot Grrrl band, Fifth Column, which are internationally acclaimed milestones in independent film, publishing, and art rock, respectively; and furthermore as primary sources for what became known as Queercore. Concurrently, Jones has always been a dedicated visual artist in the metiers of drawing and collage, who is best known for her female reprises of Tom of Finland drawings,” Cooper Cole Gallery writes.

G.B. Jones is a Canadian artist, filmmaker, musician, and publisher of zines based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her art work has been featured at galleries around the world, and her films screened at numerous film festivals, both in Canada and abroad. Her most recent musical project is Opera Arcana, founded in collaboration with Minus Smile of Kids on TV. Jones’ work has appeared in a wide variety of media including film, fanzines, magazines, books, anthologies, posters, T-shirts, and on record, cassette and CDs, and their covers. As well, her drawings have been shown in art galleries and museums, and her films at film festivals, throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Jones’ first gallery was New York-based art gallery Feature Inc., curated by Hudson, who was the first art dealer to showcase her now famous Tom Girls series of drawings from 1991 to 1999. She has also had solo exhibitions at Paul Petro Contemporary Art in Toronto, La Centrale in Montreal, Or Gallery, Mercer Union, Sunday L.E.S. (now Horton Gallery), and Cooper Cole, among others.

Since it’s conception Cooper Cole has always had a focus on existing as part of the global art dialogue. The gallery not only focuses on inviting international artists to exhibit in Toronto but also aims at promoting Canadian artists abroad through art fairs and partnerships with other galleries across the globe.

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