Four Computer Graphics on Vinyl

COOPER COLE is pleased to present a

Smalley’s practice harnesses digital technologies as tools for expressing abstract compositional ideas in painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. The four abstract computer graphic images presented in this exhibition continue this exploration through the use of blank canvasses in Photoshop. The works are composed entirely in the computer software program by subverting its intended use for the digital manipulation of already extant images and instead using the program’s photographic color balancing tools to create a palette in the service of traditional abstract expressionist painting ideas of color, composition, and form. The finished paintings are printed on heavy commercial vinyl, a surface that invokes one of the major ways Photoshop functions in contemporary global life as a means of producing informational design and signage.

Travess Smalley (b. 1986, Huntington, WV) is an American artist whose work explores the impact of digital technology on painting and encompasses photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Smalley is currently based in New York, USA.

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