Free Run

COOPER COLE is pleased to announce a solo project exhibition featuring the work of New York based artist, Landon Metz.

Landon Metz (b. 1984, Pheonix, USA) has exhibited his paintings intentionally and has forthcoming solo and group exhibitions at Brand New Gallery, Milan, and Stadium, New York. Metz’s recent paintings are an exploration of minimalist colour fields using dye and canvas, creating harmonious abstract images. To make these works, he first pours dye and overlays raw canvas allowing it to absorb the pigment. He applies different amounts of pressure as well as gravity to determine the outcome of each shape. The nature of this process provides the work with varying levels of gradience, transparency and opacity. He works without preconceived knowledge of the out coming shape, providing a response to the material, and allowing the work to unfold at a natural pace. Metz’s work grants room for chance, and it is the spontaneity in the work which makes it exciting to view.Metz is currently living and working in New York, USA.

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