Brad Tinmouth

COOPER COLE is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Brad Tinmouth.

Recently, a number of reports on global renewable water resources have been produced. These studies generally report the average annual renewable water resources for large regions or countries based on runoff from rivers and streams. These average resource data are then compared with estimated current and future water demand to determine which regions and countries could be facing serious water scarcity problems. Microeconomic analysis, however, suggests that increasing the supply leads to higher costs and could thereby reduce demand. Furthermore, the total renewable water resources are not 100% usable. The global studies to date have not systematically considered the costs of developing and supplying water, the potential water losses due to development, or the relationship between supply and demand. This report aims to improve the analysis of global and regional water resources by developing a methodology for calculating regional supply curves from storage for surface water resources and to apply this methodology to study climate change impacts on the supply of water from storage in large watershed regions.

– David Wiberg & Kenneth Strzepek
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Brad Tinmouth (b. 1988, Toronto, Canada) is an artist whose work deals with sustainable and efficient systems. He aims to make everyone as happy as he is. His work has been shown at Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Pierre François Ouellette Art Contemporain 221 in Montreal, Esam Caen in France, Preteen Gallery in Mexico and Dokfest in Germany. Tinmouth currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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Monday, Friday, and Saturday: 12pm-4pm, and by appointment.

COOPER COLE acknowledges the generous exhibition support from Johnson Trading Gallery.

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