July 26, 2013

Devin Troy Strother was recently interviewed by Bill Clarke in Magenta Magazine.


“Born in California, and now based between Los Angeles and Brooklyn, 27-year-old Devin Troy Strother makes work that combines painting, drawing, collage and sculpture, and reflects his experience growing up in a middle-class suburb of Los Angeles where he was “sometimes the only black kid in [his] class”. He brings this unique perspective to work that depicts decidedly contemporary scenarios that often feature joyful-looking African-American figures made from cut paper. Although celebrating black culture is Strother’s primary concern, subtle intimations of fraught African-American histories give the work weight. In the past year, Strother has had solo shows at Monya Rowe in New York, Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica and Bendixen in Copenhagen. His work was included in a two-person show at Toronto’s Cooper Cole earlier this summer. Here, Magenta editor Bill Clarke talks to the artist about how his early life influences his art, owning the ‘signage’ of Black American culture, and how one ‘gets a pass’ to drop the n-bomb.”

To see the full interview please visit Magenta Magazine online.

For more information about Devin Troy Strother please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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