January 24, 2016

Davida Nemeroff was recently interviewed by Artspace.


“Should you find yourself out in Los Angeles, and if you have a penchant for contemporary art, the odds are pretty good that at some point you’ll end up at Night Gallery—perhaps on the later side of the evening, with a beer in your hand, some kind of eyebrow-singeing performance underway, and in the company of some of the most exciting art (and beer-swilling artists) the city has to offer.

That’s because ever since the photographer Davida Nemeroff founded the gallery in a Lincoln Heights strip mall in 2010 as a wee-hours clubhouse-cum-laboratory for her Columbia MFA peers and other artists of her generation, it has been a consistent energizer of the city’s youthful art scene and a driver of the cultural conversation. It’s also been a star-minter: Mira Dancy and Samara Golden are just two names from its roster who have become celebrities over the past year or so, with others who have been involved with its program, like Adam Gordon, about to break out.

Based in downtown L.A. since 2013, in a building shared by François Ghebaly Gallery and in a growing art nexus now populated by Venus Over Los Angeles, Maccarone, and Gavin Brown’s 356 S. Mission Road, Night Gallery has grown from an upstart into an institution. When Art Los Angeles Contemporary opens this week, for instance, expect to find a crush of collectors gathering at the gallery’s booth (which showcases the diversity of its program, with new work by Golden, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Sean Townley, Jake Kean Mayman, Andy Woll, and Christine Wang).

For this month’s edition of our NADA Network interview series, which arrives just as the L.A. fairs are bringing the spotlight out to Tinseltown, Artspace editor-in-chief Andrew M. Goldstein spoke to Nemeroff about the unlikely history of her plucky gallery, why figuration has been its enduring source of strength, and the inspiring story behind the rise of Mira Dancy as one of painting’s newest stars.”

-Andrew M. Goldstein

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