October 5, 2018

Cooper Cole was featured in Blouin Artinfo as one of the top booths during Frieze London 2018.

Frieze London 2018 – Our Picks for Top Booths

Cooper Cole, Toronto

Two Canadian photographers are the subject of the Toronto gallery’s stand this year: Vikky Alexander and Sara Cwynar, both of whom deconstruct commercial imagery through strategic acts of appropriation and manipulation. New York-based Cwynar creates archival inkjet prints by compiling a multitude of disparate – yet knowingly related – objects and images on the floor of her studio and then photographing them. Images of fruits or of Cwynar’s friend and muse, Tracey, straddle the same plane as blown-up shots of rococo statuettes, the exaggerated poses of the latter reappearing, albeit in an updated form, in an adjacent photograph. If Cwynar’s works speak about how value is accrued and taken away over time, Vikky Alexander’s series “Aqua Obsession,” which was originally conceptualized in 1983, ponders notions of luxury and of the idealized version of the human body. Although she came of age at the same time as the Pictures Generation, Alexander’s practice was never officially recognized as part of that group until recently. Yet the archival inkjet prints on Cooper Cole’s stand, which appropriate fashion images of the model Christie Brinkley while fully removing their branding and context, hint at Alexander’s evaluation of how images are produced, consumed and manipulated.

-Anya Harrison

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