July 16, 2013

Gallery artist Chris Duncan was recently interviewed by SFAQ.


“The 1960s and 70s were the championing era for initiatives that localized artist efforts outside of the institution. Conceptual Art publications, Land Art, Fluxus and other practices alternative to white cube aesthetics and fundamentals ran rampant with the collaboration of artists, for artists. The Bay Area was certainly not immune to this ideological fervor, and perhaps more than most places became a notable fostering ground for these certain attitudes. Oakland artist Chris Duncan carries the torch of the legacy of the 1970s with his innumerable collaborative projects that bear striking comparisons to an elaborate history of artist magazines, performance and object making that extend far beyond the tactile bits that litter his studio.

Although well known for his evolving series of spiral paintings and cut and sewn collages, Duncan is more discreetly responsible for two of the Bay Area’s most well received artist magazine projects of the past decade: “Hot and Cold”, and “Land and Sea”. Both projects, though spanning several years in origin and form, exist as earnestly constructed publications made by Duncan and a variable roster of collaborators. Each has the expressed purpose of alternatively exhibiting the work of fellow artists in an experimentally democratic and neutral space. “Hot and Cold” has successfully wound down its tenure of “hodge-podge” features, intentionally produced starting with edition 10 and winding down to 0. But “Land and Sea” is still active in its output, featuring the work of a single artist at a time. Having worked with Colter Jacobsen, Sean McFarland, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Kelly Ording and Eddie Martinez—to name a few— Duncan constructs the instantly recognizable photo-copied magazines with as much or little intervention as requested.”

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