Michael Berryhill (b. 1972, El Paso, USA) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas, Austin, USA in 1994 and his Master of Fine Arts, Columbia University, New York, USA in 2009. He has exhibited across the United Stated at Kate Werble Gallery, KANSAS, Sperone Westwater, Van Doren Waxter, New York; Night Gallery, Los Angeles;  Chicken Coop Contemporary, ICA, Maine College of Art, Portland,  USA; and internationally at Galería Marta Cervera, Madrid, Spain; Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna, Austria; Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico. Berryhill currently lives and works in Brooklyn, USA.


Born 1972, El Paso, TX, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA


Master of Fine Arts, Columbia University, New York, USA

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Madison, USA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, university of Texas, Austin, USA


Solo Exhibitions

a window, adore, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, USA
primitive.is.him, Galería Marta Cervera, Madrid, Spain

Loony Tombs, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Something of a Feather, KANSAS, New York, USA

Shrine Time, Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, USA

Beggars Blanket, KANSAS, New York, USA

Incidental Western, KANSAS, New York, USA

Fear of a Flat Planet, CTRL, Houston, USA

Basement States, Horton Gallery, New York, USA

Greetings from Berrydale (with Ryan Lauderdale), Okay Mountain, Austin, USA
Lost In Your Eyes, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York


Selected group Exhibitions

Symbolisms, Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada
Pictography, Sperone Westwater, New York, USA
American Genre: Contemporary Painting, ICA, Maine College of Art, Portland, USA
Water & Dreams, Chicken Coop Contemporary, Portland; traveling to Green Gallery, Milwaukee, USA

Go Figure, Van Doren Waxter, New York, USA
As if in a foreign country, Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna, Austria
Jack and Diane, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, USA
The Clear and the Obscure, Lulu, Mexico City, Mexico
Strange Abstraction, Fredericks & Freiser, New York, USA

Around Flat, The Knockdown Center, Maspeth, USA
Intimacy in Discourse: Reasonable Sized and Unreasonable Sized Paintings, SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York
The Guston Effect, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, USA
The Negative Hand, Anonymous Gallery, New York, USA
From now on in, Brian Morris Gallery, New York, USA

This One’s Optimistic: Pincushion, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, USA
Pale Fire, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, USA
Artist in Residence Biennial: Patricia Treib, Michael Berryhill, EJ Hauser, Jaya Howey Ewing Gallery, The University of Tennesse, Knoxville, USA

Style as Substance, David Shelton Gallery, Houston, USA
Breaking Night, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, USA

External Original, Clifford Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, USA
Mark, Scrape, Wipe, Shape, SPACESHIFTER, Brooklyn, USA
Pig Party, Various sites New York City, New York, USA
Epiphanic Glow, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, USA
Beasts of Revelation, DC Moore Gallery, New York, USA
WAVERS, 283 47th St, Brooklyn, USA
MYTHOGRAFIA, Bull and Ram, New York, USA

Shapeshifters, 4 4 3 P A S, New York, USA
Monkey Wrench, Horton Gallery, New York, USA

The Maginot Line, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, USA
As if in a foreign country, Collective Show, Participant Inc., New York, USA
Precarity and the Butter Tower, CTRL, Houston, USA

H.T.A.D.I.T.F. 25, Central Park West, New York, USA
Whitney’s Biennial C.R.E.A.M Projects, Brooklyn, USA
MFA Thesis Exhibition, Columbia University, New York, USA

Panic to Power!, Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Deadliest Catch, CORE, Southampton, USA

Berliner Kunstsalon & Anonyme Zeichner 7, Blutenweiss Gallery, Berlin, Germany
7 x 7, Okay Mountain, Austin, USA
Existence is Elsewhere, Else Madsen Gallery, Austin, USA
Popular Hallucinations for the Home, MASS Gallery, Austin, USA
Painters and Cowboys Should Be Friends, UNT Artspace FW, Fort Worth, USA

Laser Light Show Project (L.L.S.P.), Gallery 3, Austin, USA
Affair at the Jupiter Hotel (with Art Palace), Portland, USA
Wild & Bushy, Volitant Gallery, Austin, USA
Painting’s Edge: The Exhibition, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, USA
New American Talent 21, Arthouse, Austin, USA

From Brooklyn to Bolm, Bolm Studios Gallery, Austin, USA


Awards and Residencies

Dean, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Madison, USA
University of Tennessee, Artist in Residence, Knoxville, USA

New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Painting, New York, USA

Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, Studio Space Recipient, Brooklyn, USA

Painting’s Edge Residency, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, USA



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