Mark DeLong (b. 1978, New Brunswick, Canada) is a self-taught artist working in a range of media including sculpture, drawing, painting, and sequential art. His work has been displayed at Colette, Paris, France; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Monte Clark, Vancouver, Canada; ACME, Los Angeles; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, Ed. Varie, Little Cakes, New York; Halsey McKay, East Hampton, USA. DeLong currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.


Born 1978, Fredericton, Canada
Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

Seven Shades of Sugar, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
NADA, Ed Varie Gallery, New York, USA
Thoughts On The Rocks, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, USA
Life and People, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

McCauley & Co., Vancouver, Canada
Perugi Contemporary Art, Padova, Italy
With Joseph Hart, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
Wil Able Projects/Gallery 295, Vancouver, Canada

Struts Gallery, Sackville, Canada
COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
Ed Varie Gallery, New York, USA

MasterClass, Ed Varie Gallery, New York, USA
You Don’t Need Teeth to Play Tennis, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Lady Baltimore, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Cold Pop, Ed Varie Gallery, New York, USA

Hunter and Cook Gallery, Toronto, Canada
I Need a Miracle, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

With Joseph Hart, LES Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Rotten Eggs, Gaff Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Xmas Decorator, Blanket Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Group Exhibitions

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York, USA
Unit Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Davis Shelton Gallery, Houston, USA
Salon 57, 247365, New York, USA

Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Hotter Than July 24th, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada

Shit I’m an Artists Artist, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen, Denmark
Acme Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, Canada

Endless Vacation, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
Macaulay Fine Art, Vancouver, Canada
Halsey McKay Gllery, New York, USA

Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Seems E, London, England
Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Krets Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
Kyhber Center, Halifax, Canada
MOLAF, Bergen, Norway

FW, Perugi Contemporary Art, Padova, Italy
Draw Show, Museo do la Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Pulp Fiction, Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada

Pulp Fiction, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada

Pulp Fiction, London Museum, London, Canada
Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles, USA
Studio Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Partners and Spade, New York, USA
Crocodile Tears, Giant Robot Gallery, New York, USA
Nieves Library, Centre Culturel Suisse
Oh my gay!, Stockholm, Sweden
Draw show, Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
Nieves Library, Ooga Booga, Los Angeles, USA

Forever Home, Little Cakes, New York USA
White Light, Motel, Portland, USA
Tiny Vices, Gallery SOHO, London, England
Tiny Vices, Colette, Paris, France

Adobe, Books Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Collage Party, Allston Skirt Gallery, Portland, USA
Zine Library, Nieves at Number12 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Forest City Gallery, International Outdoor Art Festival, London, Canada
Wrong, Gallery #125/Lobby Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Homemade Polygons, Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Studio Bee, Tokyo, Japan
25 Bold Moves, House of Campari, New York, USA
Spencer Brownstone, New York, USA
Pizza Party, Cinders Gallery, New York, USA
Another Other, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, Scotland

Toronto/Berlin Exchange, Abel Neue Kunst Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Thaw the Yeti, Fire Proof, Brooklyn, USA
Collage Party, Antisocial Gallery/Othergallery, Vancouver, Canada
Infinity Project, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
I Find You, Cinders Gallery, New York, USA

Sweat, Luft Gallery, Toronto, Canada


Cooking with Rabbit, Seems Books, New York

Whales, Seems Books, New York
Cold Pop, Seems Books, New York
Book with Jason Mclean, Nieves, Switzerland

The Only Clock on the Ship, TV Books, New York
Third Drawer Down, Australia
Pyramid Power, Mark DeLong and Jason Mclean

Killimanjaro Magazine, London, October
Sbooky Booky, TV books, New York

Glomp 9, Finland Publication
Melanie Sheepwash with Jason Mclean, Nieves, Switzerland
Graphic Magazine, Issue 11, June
KUTI Comic Newspaper, Finland, March

I Don’t Love You Gene, I Love Eugene, Nieves, Switzerland
Flaunt Magazine, Issue 79
Carousal Magazine, Othergallery feature, November


Sweat, Luft Gallery, Toronto, Canada


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