Lauren Luloff (b. 1980, Dover, USA) received her MFA in 2010 from Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, New York and her BFA from Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA. Her work relates to life in the domestic realm, using collaged bedsheets as her canvas to create unique and expressive paintings. She has exhibited internationally, at such venues as COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada; Halsey Mckay Gallery, East Hampton; The Queens Museum, Malborough Chelsea, The Hole, Brand New Gallery, New York; CB 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA; Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Luloff currently lives and works in Brooklyn, USA.


Born 1980, Dover, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA


MFA in Painting, Bard College: Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts

BFA in Painting, Pennsylvania State University

Edwin Zoller Scholership for Artistic Achievement

Solo Exhibitions

New Growth, Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

Watervessels, Malborough Chelsea, New York, USA
Lauren Luloff, Annarumma, Naples, Italy

Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Luxembourg
Heliotrope, Halsey Mckay Gallery, New York, USA
Pineapples and Teapots, The Hole, New York, USA
Recent Paintings, Showroom Gowanus, New York, USA

Daily Companions, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada

Dark Interiors & Bright Landscapes, Halsey Mckay Gallery, East Hampton, USA
Recent Small Works, Horton Gallery, New York, USA

Wind, Beach and Still Life, End of the Century, New York, USA

A Dinosaur with Window into the Future and into the Past, BUOY, Kittery, USA
WOVEN, site-specific installation, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, USA

From the Sheets, Sunday L.E.S., New York, USA

Yard Sail, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Believe. Make, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, USA

Recent Paintings, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Recent Paintings, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Forist, site-specific installation, Happy Ending, New York, USA
Love Girl, Cinders, Brooklyn, USA

Recent Paintings, no Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Group Exhibitions

Flat Fix, Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, USA

Imagine, Brand New Gallery, New York, USA

Eagles II, Marlborough Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Special Guest Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Zurcher Gallery, New York, USA
Feed the Meter, Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Luxembourg
Material Art Fair, with Jenine Marsh, Cooper Cole, Mexico City, Mexico

As A Body, curated by Kari Cwynar, COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
Redacted, Islip Art Museum, New York, USA
Ain’tings, Robert Blumenthal Gallery, New York, USA
Material Images, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, USA
Space Heater, Harbor Gallery, New York, USA
Ghost Current, curated by Ryan Wallace, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Seeing with Fingers, curated by Laurel Sparks, The Barbara Walters Gallery, Sarah Lawrence College, New York, USA
Summer in Ceylon, Showroom, New York, USA
Summer Session, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, USA
Garden Show, COOPER COLE (Offsite), Toronto, Canada
Lauren Luloff and Georgia Dickie, COOPER COLE, NADA Art Fair, New York, USA
Dallas Art Fair, Halsey McKay Gallery, Dallas, USA
Gesturing into Consciousness: Juried Alumni Exhibition, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Donut Muffin, curated by Tamara Gonzalez and Jessica Duffet, Dorsky Gallery, New York, USA
Swamp, curated by Kari Adelaide, Edgar Allen Poe Center, New York, USA

Miami Project, Halsey McKay Gallery, Miami, USA
Stretching Painting, curated by Veronica Roberts, Lelong Gallery, New York, USA
That This is, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, USA
Hot white flesh ties, Favorite Goods, Los Angeles, USA
Dirty, Messy Painting, Roos Arts, Rosendale, New York, USA
Lobsterama, curated by Nathan Gwynne, Shoot the Lobster, New York, USA
Special Blend, curated by Chris Matin, The Journal, New York, USA
Wavers, curated by EJ Hauser and Rob Nadeau, New York, USA

Painting Expanded, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Not the Way you Remembered, The Queens Museum, New York, USA Issue Project Room, Benefit Art Auction, New York, USA
Snowclones, Art Blog Art Blog, New York, USA
The Working Title, Bronx River Art Center, New York, USA
Painting, design, Speculation, Generosity, CB 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Summer Above, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, USA
Control, Alt., Delete, HKJB, New York, USA

Material Issue and Other Matters, CANADA, New York, USA
First Matter, By Appointment or By Chance, Brooklyn, USA
The Business of Aura, Elga Wimmer and Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
The World’s Greatest, Daily Operation, Brooklyn, USA
Domestic City, Kid Yellin, Brooklyn, USA
Yielding California, Triple Base Pop-Up Space, New York, USA
Thingy, Occasional Projects, Brooklyn, USA

Oculus Imaginationis, Horton and Co., New York, USA
Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, USA Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008, Okay Mountain, Austin, USA
It’s a Wonderfull Life, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Material Differences, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, USA There is no there, there, Rivington Arms, New York, USA Admirer, 31 Grand, New York, USA

Paula DeLuccia/Lauren Luloff, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, USA Frequencies, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

Brooklyn, Westport Art Center, Westport, USA
Mirror of our Obsessions and Fears, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

I Find You, Cinders, Brooklyn, USA


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