Curtia Wright (b. 1991, Scarborough, Canada) is a multi-disciplinary artist and mural artist. She holds a BFA from OCAD University. Wright’s work concerns the way societies perceptions of bodies, specifically black bodies, have the ability to shape their narratives without consent. Her current works delve into the spiritual and mental wellness of African peoples and the link to mythology and disseminating what ‘fantasy’ is and who it belongs to. She has exhibited at Margin of Eras Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, 918 Bathurst, White House Gallery, Younger than Beyonce, Toronto; Art Gallery of Guelph, Guelph, Canada; and Arts Dimensions Gallery, St. Louis, USA. Curtia Wright lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Curtia Wright

Born 1991, Scarborough, Canada
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada


BFA, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Ontario College Certificate; Art and Design foundations, George Brown College, Toronto, Canada

Selected Exhibitions

A Complete Change of Form Into A More Beautiful Or Spiritual State, Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada

Burnt Umber, curated by BAU Collective, Margin of Eras Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Critical Mass, curated by Andrew Hunter, Art Gallery of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Vision, curated by Leone McComas, White House Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Terms and Conditions, curated by Tim Hunter, Margin of Eras Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Long Winter, Polish Combatants Hall, Toronto, Canada
Woman’s Kit Regeneration, curated by Ilene Sova and Chiedza Pasipanodya, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
Undermine, curated by BAU Collective, 277 Augusta, Toronto, Canada
No Vacancy, curated by Alyssa Fearon, Scarborough Arts, Toronto, Canada
Mine is Yours, Yours is Yours, curated by BAU Collective, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto, Canada
Those Who Dance, curated by BAU Collective, White House Studio Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Night Glow Fabric, curated by BAU Collective, Will’s Gallery, Toronto, Canada
OH SO T.O, curated by YTB Gallery, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
IKE; Afro Futurist Art Show, curated by Ebedoz Uber, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Political Candy, curated by Sean Sandusky, Studio 223A, Toronto, Canada
Future 33, Younger Than Beyonce Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Black Toronto 2116 & Black Canvas 101, curated by Danilo McCallum, Daniel Spectrum, Toronto, Canada

Enough, curated by WIMA, DBeatstro, Toronto, Canada
VIP YTB Gala and Art Party, Younger Than Beyonce Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Why the @#&! Do You Paint, curated by Lukas Toane, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Reversion: A Figurative and portrait art exhibition, curated by Daniel Anaka, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Omit Limitation Presents: Virtue – a female creative exhibit, curated by Omit Limitation, STUDIO1176, Toronto, Canada
Scratching Where It’s Itching, curated by Genevieve Wallen, Younger Than Beyonce Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Bazaar by Bratlist, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Black Siren Ent. Presents: WOMEN IN MUSIC & ARTS (WIMA), curated by Alexia Breard Anderson, Emmanuel Howard Park United Church, Toronto, Canada
100th OCADU Grad Ex, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
Black Future Month 2015, curated by Danilo McCallum and Quentin VerCetty, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

OCAD Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

OCAD Figure Show, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Contemporary Art Exhibit, Cedar Ridge Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Drawgasmic Art Show, curated by Cranky Yellow, Arts Dimensions Gallery, St. Louis, USA




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