February 10, 2012

Anders Oinonen was recently featured on the blog Beautiful Decay. Below is an excerpt from the post.


“Anders Oinonen, of Ontario, Canada, just opened “People people”, a solo show at Cooper Cole in Toronto. For a while now, Oinonen has been pushing the features of the face to new bounds in his paintings. The artist has removed familiar eyes, noses, and mouths from their intended plane, and inserted them along the lines of an Expressionist landscape. Such a presentation of the face -associated with communication of our inner life more than any other part of the body- in tumultuous states of despair and incredulity as stimulating blocks of color masterfully applied to canvas arranges a statement which is hard to miss and extensive in depth.”

To view the full post please visit Beautiful Decay.

For more information about Anders Oinenen please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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