April 9, 2020

Vikky Alexander’s solo exhibition at Fonderie Darling is featured in Point Contemporain.



In the wake of a retrospective in 2019 at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vikky Alexander offers with the Nordic Rock exhibition   a precious installation full of fantasies, which contrasts with the raw and imposing room of the Darling Foundry.

This industrial setting shelters fragile sculptures representing in a very stylized way elements of interior design furniture, such as a bed, a chair, a bench. Made from dichroic glass, whose iridescent material reflects light in a spectrum of color, these minimal sculptures of extreme delicacy are presented on pedestals, a sort of islets arranged in space aimed at reinforcing their inaccessibility. Like jewelry or precious stones, capturing and returning light, these dysfunctional objects, which aim to seduce and stimulate desire, attract as much as they freeze the viewer. Their surface, both shimmering and transparent, plays subtly with the patina and architecture of the heritage building. Paroxysm of luxury,

Other structuring elements of the exhibition, two imposing murals arranged in staggered rows and made of vinyl from photographic collages are displayed opposite, on the full height of two sections of walls. Composed of images gleaned from magazines, these combine by the technique of collage, as many views of dramatic or sublimated landscapes as close-ups of textures, simulations of organic or vegetable matter.

By these immense windows which open onto fantasized horizons, by these distortions of scale and by these games of pretenses, the artist underlines the strategies of appropriation and substitution of nature used in marketing in the markets of real estate and interior design. It also poses the question of the author through the reappropriation and recontextualization of the images.

Vikky Alexander is a conceptual artist who questions consumer culture and her fantasies in her work. His works stand out for their ability to question the world of illusion and material desires by making use of the language of architecture and design, borrowing from the imagery of luxury fashion and design magazines to engage the subject of desire, commodity and the way society projects us into these unreal environments. Through minimalist interventions in photography and sculpture, using strategies that trigger impulses, the artist plays with reflective materials and optical illusions.


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