October 30, 2012

Our current exhibition Permanent Demand featuring Andrew Jeffrey Wright, William Buzzell, and Jesse Harris got a mention on Netherlands based design blog Frameweb.


“Running until 3 November at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, Permanent Demand explores the ideas of art as a commodity and the consequences of consumer culture through the eyes of three very different artists: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, William Buzzell and Jesse Harris.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright approaches the subject through both humorous and somewhat satirical line drawings or through colour permeated canvases; William Buzzell uses three dimensional collages to talk about consumerism, while Jesse Harris work is statement oriented, using readily available materials and familiar forms and language.

The work of the these three artists comes together in an eclectic dialogue that share the same preoccupations and influences of a generation.”

To see the full post please visit Frameweb.

For more information about Permanent Demand please contact the gallery:

+1 (647) 347-3316


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